Wednesday 9/15/21 AWS/Cloud Update

Adrian Cantrill’s SAA-C02 course, 75 minutes: ‘S3 Static Hosting’ through ‘Object Encryption part 2’. I was going to start in on the next section on VPCs, but realizing that I needed to finish fleshing out my newfound course of action for learning, have decided to go back through the section and implement some ideas,Continue reading “Wednesday 9/15/21 AWS/Cloud Update”

Monday 9/13/21 AWS/Cloud Study Update

Adrian Cantrill’s SAA-C02 course: ‘S3 Presigned urls’ through to the end of the section. I have finally finished with my initial go through with S3. Definitely not finished with learning about S3, but things were a little choppy for a bit, partly because of completely overhauling my study habits, and this caused my pace toContinue reading “Monday 9/13/21 AWS/Cloud Study Update”

Wednesday 9/8/21 AWS/Cloud Study Update, 60 minutes: ‘Encryption 101- part 1’ through ‘Object Encryption- demo’ sections. I have employed multiple learning modalities in my journey towards becoming employable as an AWS cloud architect, including using multiple resources simultaneously, taking note on the videos by hand, typing out notes in word and Libre Office, and covering multiple topics consecutively inContinue reading “Wednesday 9/8/21 AWS/Cloud Study Update”

Monday 8/23/21 AWS/Cloud Study Update

I was feeling sick from last Thursday through Sunday, so I layed low and minimized my activities. Time to get back to it. Adrian Cantrill’s SAA-C02 course, 60 minutes: ‘Simple Storage Service’ section; ‘S3 Security’ through ‘S3 Versioning’ demo I have decided to simplify down to using one resources for right now, and that willContinue reading “Monday 8/23/21 AWS/Cloud Study Update”

Wednesday 8/18/21 AWS/Cloud Study Update

Adrian Cantrill’s SAA-C02 training, 60 minutes: ‘Simple Storage Service’ section: parts 1 -12, S3 security (Resource policies and ACLs) through ‘Demo’ – KMS – Encrypting the battleplans with KMS’, 40 minutes: end of ‘What is Amazon S3’ through beginning of ‘Getting Started’ section. Taking notes on the documentation.

Saturday 8/14/21 AWS/Cloud Study Update

AWS Documentation page,, 60 minutes: Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3) section, summarized most of ‘What is Amazon S3’ section Adrian Cantrill’s SAA-C02 training:, 50 minutes: ‘Simple Storage Service’ section: ‘S3 Security’ through ‘S3 Performance Optimization’ sections. I am simplifying my study time to begin emphasizing the specific topic at hand. In accordanceContinue reading “Saturday 8/14/21 AWS/Cloud Study Update”

Thursday 8/12/21 AWS/Cloud Study Update

NIST Cloud Definition, 8 minutes: This is my last day working with this. I have assimilated it as thoroughly as possible AWS Docs, 30 minutes: Read more about IAM in Amazon docs. I wish I had discovered docs a little sooner. A veritable treasure trove of useful and practical information. Adrian Cantrill’s SAA-C02Continue reading “Thursday 8/12/21 AWS/Cloud Study Update”

Wednesday 8/11/21 AWS/Cloud Study Update

NIST Cloud definition, 8 minutes: My time with this activity is winding down. Getting to the point where I’m not getting much from this. Will put this to bed sooner than anticipated. AWS docs, 40 minutes: ‘IAM User Guide’: “Signing into AWS” through the first couple of sections of “Identities” section Adrian Cantrill’sContinue reading “Wednesday 8/11/21 AWS/Cloud Study Update”