Tuesday 5/25/21 Daily Study Log

A+ Core Two, 1.5 hours: Professor Messer free A+ videos online, sections 1.3 – Installing Operating Systems- through 1.5 – Windows Features. Professor Messer does an amazing job of giving a lot of detail very succinctly. I am focusing on this stuff really intensely as I am determined to finally finish the A+ certification. AWSContinue reading “Tuesday 5/25/21 Daily Study Log”

Thursday 5/20/21 Daily Study Log

Math: Geometry, chapter 10, 1 hour: Reviewed all postulates and theorems for the first ten chapters, wrote proofs for questions 4 – 6 in ‘Preparing for College Entrance Exams’ section Music: Supercollider, 30 minutes: Reviewing Eventstreamviewer, consolidating current understanding of programming language, and looking to finish the book soon AWS: Adrian Cantrill SAA course, 45Continue reading “Thursday 5/20/21 Daily Study Log”

Tuesday 5/19/21 Daily study log

AWS CCP: Adrian Cantrill SAA course section 1, 45 min:Public Introduction, Finding and using the course resources, Site tools andfeatures, AWS Exams- summarized all sections using Cherry Tree and clonedGithub repos to my Windows 10 box and Visual Studio code.Adrian’s course material seems to be some of the best I’ve ever seen. A+ 220-1002 coreContinue reading “Tuesday 5/19/21 Daily study log”

5/17/21 Daily Study Log

Now that I have the CCP under my belt, I am looking to finally finish the A+ certification by completing the 220-1002 core two and also work on the Solutions Architect Associate, to start my march towards completing the Associate certifications for AWS. Based on certain external factors, it has been over a year sinceContinue reading “5/17/21 Daily Study Log”

Wednesday 5/12/21 Daily Study Log

AWS CCP using tutorials dojo: 60 minutes timed practice tests (Timed mode sets 1 and 2): My second vaccination (Pfizer) was yesterday, and while I am recovering nicely, I was knocked off my stride a little bit. Anticipate being fully back in the game for one more massive push before the CCP exam on Friday,Continue reading “Wednesday 5/12/21 Daily Study Log”

Monday 5/9/21 Daily study log

Networking: accessed through my Packtpub.com account, 45 minutes:start of chapter 3 summary in Cherry Tree:Chapter 3: Network Topologies, Connectors, and Wiring StandardsList of objectives and section 1, Physical media up to beginning of‘Ethernet Cable Descriptions’ section Mathematics: Geometry, 1 hour:finished typing out postulates, theorems and constructionsfor chapters 9-14, completing my memorization guide for review ofContinue reading “Monday 5/9/21 Daily study log”

Sunday, 5/9/21 Daily Study Log

Networking: Networking, Data Link, Physical layer, 45 minutes: summarized into Cherry Tree along with Summary and exam essentials: completed summary of chapter 2. Supercollider: A gentle introduction to Supercollider, 30 minutes: pp. 36-40,Starting and stopping Pbinds independently, Pbind as a musical score,EventStreamPlayer, Example. AWS CCP: Tutorials Dojo AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner Practice Exams 2021,90 minutes:Continue reading “Sunday, 5/9/21 Daily Study Log”

Wednesday 5/5/21

Networking – Net+ official study guide accessed through my Packtpub.com account, 40 minutes: Working on chapter 2, ‘The OSI model’, continuing on with creating the Cherry Tree final draft of my handwritten note for the first 10 chapters, including transport, networking, and data link layers (the chapter runs from layer 7 down the stack) (packtpub.com)Continue reading “Wednesday 5/5/21”