Greetings. My name is Paul Paradis.

I am 44 years old, happily married to a wonderfully smart and engaging woman with whom I connect very deeply, residing in what is referred to as ‘the greater Boston area’. I have had varied work experiences over the last few decades, including teaching music and managing hotels, and am now working on attaining expertise in cloud security with a focus on networking, with the aim of taking up this line of work in a professional capacity within the next couple of years. My hobbies include creating experimental electronic music, bodyweight oriented exercise, and the study of mathematics. To be clear, my love of mathematics far outsrips my ability, but I derive a great deal of personal satisfaction in this pursuit. I am committed to personal excellence, continued improvement, finding my limits and doing what I can to push past them. Staying uncomfortable means that growth is happening. Embrace the Suck.

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