Thursday/Saturday 10/21-23 AWS/Cloud Study Update

Adrian Cantrill’s SAA-C02 study course,, __ minutes:

‘Containers and ECS’ section: Whole section

Between Thursday and Saturday I worked through the whole ‘Containers & ECS’ section once on each day; thus far, I have worked through the whole section four times.

Going through the whole section on Saturday, things started to click a little more. I finally started to understand containers and container images a little more thoroughly. I still have a long way to go before I would feel ready to use containers in a production environment, but there’s not quite as much mystery around the topic now.

One thing specifically that has become much more clear is the difference between container definitions and task definitions, and how the container definition simply points to the container and port used to expose the container, whereas the task definition is much more comprehensive in that it defines how the container is to be deployed and used in its environment.

There is still much to learn, but the basic concept is in place.

Creating the container image and uploading it to my newly created dockerhub account went smoothly, without any hitches. Recreating the steps four times over the past week definitely helped ingrain this information in my working understanding.

However, every time I worked through the exercise of creating the fargate cluster and deploying the container of cats image to create the lightweight, static website, the deployment never left the pending stage, even when I used Adrian’s container. For some reason, the deployment would hang in pending state and then just disappear. I tried enabling logs for ECS, but I didn’t get much feedback.

For now I’m going to move on and come back to this later when I go through the whole course a second time.

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