Wednesday 10/20/21 Cloud/AWS study update

Adrian Cantrill’s SAA-C02 study course,, 45 minutes:

‘Containers and ECS’ section: ‘ECS-Concepts’, ‘ECS-Cluster Mode’, ‘[DEMO] Deploying “Container of Cats” using Fargate’

The last two days have found me in completely new territory. Though it has all been new, the other parts of AWS (IAM, S3, VPC, EC2) that I have learned about I could relate to something I already touched upon. Containers, ECS, and all associated concepts have me completely out of my depths, which is good, because I’m growing.

Today I reviewed the basics of Elastic Container Service and Fargate, which served as my introduction to serverless architectures. I learned about the fact that the container definition contains the image being used and its associated ports, the task definition containing the task role (the IAM role the task assumes), any containers used, and also resources associated with those containers. I also learned about service concepts connected to ECS, including restarts, high availability, and how many copies will be operational at the same time. We also looked at clusters, and discussed the difference between running containers as straight virtual machines (EC2), vs. ECS and Fargate. The basic differences being that EC2 is good for individual containers. For large workloads, the difference is between using ECS vs. Fargate, and the basic idea here is ECS for the cost conscious, Fargate for the overhead conscious.

This was followed up by a demo where I went into ECS and created a cluster, and then deployed my containerofcats container in order to create a lightweight static website. I will definitely be going through that at least two more times (including the whole section) before moving on along with reviewing the included materials, as there is much here I need to process.

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