Monday 10/18/21 AWS/Cloud Study Update

Adrian Cantrill’s SAA-C02 course,, 60 minutes:

Sections: ‘[UPDATE2021] Instance Status Checks and Auto-Recovery’, ‘[DEMO] Shutdown, Terminate, and Terminate Protection’, ‘Horizontal and Vertical Scaling’, ‘[UPDATE 2021] Instance Metadata [Theory and Demo]’

Going into detail about system and instance status checks was really interesting. System status checks verify things like system power, network connectivity, and software and hardware (ec2 service vs. host). Instance status checks verify things like file system, instance networking viability, and system kernel. Interesting to note the ability to modify the response of your AWS account to system status check failures.

Being able to modify permissions around instance termination settings further demonstrates the amount of forethough provided by AWS in the area of security, as being able to control this setting potentially prevents disastrous situations from transpiring. Also interesting to note how this set of permissions can be mapped to IAM users.

The ability to horizontally and vertically scale is something I remember from my CPP time. Interesting to note how horizontal scaling is essentially unlimited and provides more granularity than vertical scaling. There was also some implication around the possibility of taxing available resources more easily with vertical scaling.

Lastly, using the curl utility in the ec2 instance to check various types of metadata was a lot of fun and a reminder that I need to get back to my former goal of becoming more and more proficient in Linux.

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