Saturday 10/16/21 AWS/Cloud Study Update

Adrian Cantrill’s SAA-C02 study course, 60 minutes,

Sections: ‘AMI’, ‘[DEMO] Creating and Animals4life AMI’ parts one and two, ‘Instance Billing Models’

Learning about AMI’s was interesting, how they are containers used to create instances from EBS snapshots, how they are available in one region but can be copied between regions. The ability to create custom configurations of AMI’s was really cool.

After this I worked through a demo to run a bunch of linux commands in EC2 to create infrastructure for a WordPress site. After verifying that everything was working, I stopped the instance and created an AMI from it. After this, working through the demo, I started an instance from the AMI that was created, and voila, the WordPress landing page manifested in a new tab. This was really cool to see.

After this I watched a video discussing Instance billing models, and discussed the differences between on-demand, reserved and spot instances. This section is on my list of drill material, meaning I will have to review several times in a rote manner to get a handle on the material.

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