Tuesday 10/12/21 AWS/Cloud study update

Adrian Cantrill’s SAA-C02 course, 75 minutes: ‘[DEMO] EBS, Snapshots, and Instance Store volumes part one’ to ‘[DEMO] EBS, Snapshots, and Instance Store volumes part 2’

Having spent the last couple of days rewatching and reflecting on EC2 and EBS fundamentals, implementing this information in the demo lessons was a great experience. To help this information stick, I went through the two lessons twice each.

For the demo we chose the specific EC2 instance (R5dn.large) we would be using in the demo. After this we created EBS volumes using ssd and nvme storage types, and then created and mounted a file system in the EBS storage volume. This was followed by practicing stopping and restarting the instance, detaching and attaching the volumes, and creating a snapshot which was replicated in a different AZ. It was great to see how EBS truly is independent of the EC2 instance it is attached to.

Doing all this really helped tie the theory together. The most interesting part for me was to note how easy it is to spin up an EC2 instance in AWS. My only other experience with virtual machines is through Virtual Box, and EC2 in AWS makes VB feel super slow and cumbersome in comparison.

One aspect of Adrian Cantrill’s teaching methodology I respect is how his approach to teaching AWS is cumulative. He truly builds on what has already been covered, and incorporates older material into the demo lessons, which continues to reinforce and deepen what you’ve learned.

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