Wednesday 10/6/21 AWS/Cloud Study Update

Adrian Cantrill’s SAA-C02 course, 60 minutes: ‘Virtualization’ through ‘[Demo] EC2 SSH vs EC2 Instance connect’

Now that I have finished my focused-but-quick watchthrough of all the videos in this section, I am going back through to take notes and start implementing the demos. As I was working through the material, I started thinking long term, which means the next couple of months before the exam. I intend to go through the whole course at least one more time before focusing on Tutorials Dojo for the practice test/review side.

I am confident that going through all the videos first, watching each one in quick succession in a hyperfocused state, and then going back to work through the material more deeply, is now a permanent part of my learning process. The next step will be to clarify my approach for long-term iteration and retention pertaining to the two domains of ‘test-readiness’ and ‘job performance’. I am confident that I am now on the right track and will be looking to accelerate my progress. The basic idea is that along with preparing for the SAA-C02 course, my other major goal is to lock in my process for AWS certifications and training, at least for the associate exams, so that I can automate my process for Devops and Sysops certs.

Today I had issues connecting to EC2 through instance connect even after editing the inbound ipv4 range for us-east-1 region. Unfortunately I have to go to work so this will have to be revisited at a later date. If this happens again I will reach out to the TechStudySlack for clarification on this issue. I will make note of this and plan my demo work for time to address any problems that may occur.

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