Monday 10/4/21 AWS/Cloud Study Update

Adrian Cantrill’s SAA-C02, 90 minutes:

‘EC2’ Basics section: ‘Virtualization’ section through ‘[Demo] Snapshots and Instance Store’. In one shot, with the playback set at 2X speed, I went through 15 of 28 parts in this section. It will be interesting to see how this plays out, but my intuition tells me that this is the key to unlocking faster learning.

Lately, it has been dawning on me that I learn better when my initial foray into something is a rapid overview where I am taking in information right at the edge of my ability to comprehend, and then going back through the same material more slowly. This seems to be a discovered application of a process known as pre-exposure, whereby you prime the conscious understanding by a superficial exposure to the total subject matter. In this case the process is a bit of a hybridization, because my ‘superficial overview’ is the whole section, but paced quite rapidly.

The litmus test for bedrocking my learning with this approach is to see if I can achieve my goal: ‘complete’ the EC2 section by the end of the week. Right now my notion of ‘complete’ is necessarily vague, but indicates some general notion of a solid basic understanding. As this is the newest approach I am working on to maximize my learning in the most efficient way possible, I will have to see the process through in order to see if it will work.

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