Thursday 9/30/21 AWS/Cloud Study Update

Adrian Cantrill’s SAA-C02 training course, 45 minutes: ‘Network Address Translation’ and ‘NAT Gateway 1 and 2’ plus the demos for ‘Implementing Private Internet Access using NAT gateways’

Tomorrow, Friday, 10/1/21, I will be finishing up with VPC. So far I have only covered IAM, S3, and VPC, and VPC has been my favorite topic so far. Learning how to use route tables to route app traffic from within the VPC through the NAT gateway, and then sending those packets from the VPC router through the internet gateway and on to the public internet has been very fascinating. Actually implementing it in the demo and then firing up the EC2 instances to test it out was really engrossing.

One goal I have is to eventually migrate my WordPress site to run on AWS. Now that I have a basic handle on this aspect of cloud networking, I feel that I am a little closer to this goal.

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Working towards cloud networking security as a profession.

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