Wednesday 9/8/21 AWS/Cloud Study Update

  1., 60 minutes: ‘Encryption 101- part 1’ through ‘Object Encryption- demo’ sections. I have employed multiple learning modalities in my journey towards becoming employable as an AWS cloud architect, including using multiple resources simultaneously, taking note on the videos by hand, typing out notes in word and Libre Office, and covering multiple topics consecutively in a lesson, and I have not found any of them to be successful thus far. My current technique is to focus on Adrian Cantrill’s videos using extreme concentration, implementing the demos within the same session for the topic being discussed, and employing reflection by taking a 1 minute break between videos to mentally review the material that was discussed in that video. I am also running the videos at 2x, which helps my concentration. I think this may be the correct approach.

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Working towards cloud networking security as a profession.

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