Wednesday 8/4/21 AWS/Cloud Study Update

  1. NIST Cloud definition, 9 minutes: The internalization of this framework is essenitally finished. I will be continuing to commence each session by reciting this framework, the intention being to establish it firmly as the basis of my working understanding of cloud computing. Completing in under 10 minutes is a solid achievement.
  2. Sybex SAA-CO2 Study guide, 30 minutes : Summarized key points from chapter 6, ‘Authentication and Authorization – AWS Identity and Access Management’
  3. Tutorials dojo SAA-C02 study guide, 20 minutes: ‘AWS IAM’ section Further reinforcing my knowledge and comprehension of IAM. Some of the material elaborated on is different than other things I have encountered.
  4. Adrian Cantrill: SAA-C02 course, 60 minutes: ‘Simple Identity Permissions in AWS’ demo: went through lesson again and then rebuilt Sally profile a couple of times on my own to verify that I have learned the steps thoroughly. Was able to successfully create and tear down the profile without referencing the walkthrough in the lesson.

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Working towards cloud networking security as a profession.

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