Monday 7/19/21 Study Update

AWS/Cloud, 115 minutes:

  1. NIST cloud computing definition, 30 minutes: Shaved 15 minutes off my review time from yesterday. The goal is around 10 minutes maximum, which I am intent on achieving by the end of the month. After that it will be invoked like some kind of mantra at the beginning of my AWS sessions.
  2. Adrian Cantrill’s SAA-C02 training, 55 minutes: ‘AWS fundamentals’ section: ‘AWS Public vs. Private service’ to ‘EC2 Basics’; Finally moving into the meat of my training as a future cloud security professional. Also exciting to start pushing past my CCP training. Took notes, but will review a couple of times to ensure that concepts are solid.
  3. AWS Well-Architected Whitepaper, 30 minutes: ‘Review’ and ‘Conclusion’ Sections, pp.41-43; did not realize that there are over 30 pages of notes and appendices. So, started over, to read through again: pp. 1-9, ‘Well-Architected Framework: Abstract’ through ‘General Design Principles’

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Working towards cloud networking security as a profession.

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