Sunday 7/18/21 Study Update

AWS/Cloud, 110 minutes:

  1. NIST Cloud Computing definition, 45 minutes: The definition of ‘cloud infrastructure’ that appears as footnote one on page 6 is now thoroughly ingrained in my working understanding, so I undertook a review to uncover other weaknesses in my recall. After some time away from the whole definition, recall was good overall, with a couple of glaring weaknesses which will be remedied in short order.
  2. AWS Well-Architected white paper, 25 minutes: pp. 34 – 40: ‘Cost Optimization pillar’. Broad overview, reading through for first impressions. Some material is a little familiar from CCP. There is much to learn.
  3. Adrian Cantrill, SAA-C02 course, 50 minutes:’Tech Fundamentals’ section: ‘NAT part 1’ through ‘SSL and TLS’. Adrian Cantrill’s lessons constitute some of the best learning experiences I’ve experienced. The amount of networking I’ve learned has definitely helped, but his mode of presentation greatly accelerates my learning.

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Working towards cloud networking security as a profession.

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