Saturday, 07/17/21 Study update

AWS/Cloud, 110 minutes:

  1. NIST Cloud computing definition, 20 minutes: Finally dialed in the definition of ‘cloud infrastructure’ listed as footnote 2 on p. 6. Internalizing the NIST documentation is further deepening my conception of cloud computing as a whole
  2. AWS Well Architected white paper, 30 minutes: pp. 28 – 34:’Performance Efficiency Pillar’; reading for high-overview. As I come to the end of thoroughly internalizing NIST, I will then dissect and internalize the Well Architected framework and all its constituent parts.
  3. Adrian Cantrill’s SAA-C02 training, 60 minutes: ‘Tech Fundamentals’ section: ‘Decimal to Binary Conversion (IP Addressing)’ – ‘Network Starter Pack – 4 – Transport – Part 2; I have been schooling myself up in networking for a while, and Adrian Cantrill does a brilliant job at summarizing OSI and how all the layers relate. I have achieved greater coherence around a few subtopics as a result of reviewing these videos one time.

Math, 45 minutes: Continuing with comprehensive review

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Working towards cloud networking security as a profession.

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