Thursday 7/15/21 Study update

My mentor wants me to focus on AWS exclusively, and not worry about networking so much at this point. As they stated: ‘The training you are doing for the associate level certs will teach you enough networking fundamentals to make you successful in the cloud.’ So, I will be going forward with that suggest from here on out. Also have decided to remove updating around musical activities; even though this is integral to my process in some weird way, I have decided to keep it separate from this update. So, cloud and math endeavors to continue…

AWS, 95 minutes:

1. Nist Cloud Computing Definition, 15 minutes: The definition of ‘The Cloud Infrastructure’ which appears as footnote two on p. 6 is pretty well cemented now. Going to continue backwards through the definition, fine-tuning as I go.

2. Adrian Cantrill’s SAA-C02 training, 50 minutes: Created a new localized github repo on my Windows 10 box for keeping current with Cantrill course resrouces, logged into the four users across my two accounts as a refresher, and then started going through ‘Tech Fundamentals’ section, parts 1-6: YAML, JSON, and the tech starter pack material covering physical and data link layers.

3. Well architected whitepaper, 30 minutes:; pp. 18-28, ‘Security’ and ‘Reliability’ pillars overview.

Math, 30 minutes: Continuing to revise all chapter 10 material in anticipation of the looming end of chapter exercise. Very ready to get into two dimensional solids.

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Working towards cloud networking security as a profession.

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