Saturday 7/10/21 Study Update

Networking, 60 minutes: Todd Lammie Network+ study guide: Full review of Chapter 1, ‘Introduction to Networks’.

Mathematics, 35 minutes: Chapter 10, ‘Constructions and Loci’, wrote out instructions for constructions 11 to 15 and wrote proofs for 2 of the 4 theorems given in the text. The chapter test has been delayed by one week.

Music, 45 minutes: Working on new track, partly to get to grips with the drum pattern editor in Studio One. Also good to have a couple of projects in motion.

AWS, 75 minutes: 1. Nist cloud computing standard: Reviewed the definition to see how much could be pulled from memory. There are a couple of weak spots needing work, which will be isolated and worked on over the next couple of sessions. learning. 2. Adrian Cantrill’s SAA training course. I took a long break so decided to start from the very beginning and went through the whole first section, ‘Introduction and scenario’. 3. AWS Well-Architected Framework PDF: pp. 11-20: Operational excellence pillar.

Published by pauldparadis

Working towards cloud networking security as a profession.

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