Sunday 6/27/21 Study Update

AWS, 50 minutes: Memorizing the cloud computing framework as defined by NIST: I have finished memorizing the definition for IAAS, and so have now memorized the general definition for cloud computing, the definitions for all five essential characteristics, and all three service models. Now onto the four deployment models- private, community, public, and hybrid- and then back to Adrian Cantrill’s SAA training course. The conceptual model of cloud computing that has cohered in my working understanding as a result of going through this process has given me a great base for further development.

Math, 40 minutes: Lesson with my math mentor. We covered all problems from the cumulative review for the first 10 chapters, and aside from a couple of points of conceptual weakness I am basically good to go. This week I will be shoring up those points of weakness and also doing a comprehensive review of chapter 10 (‘Constructions and Loci’) in anticipation of the chapter test, which my mentor will proctor next weekend. Looking forward to getting onto the next chapter.

A+ Core two: Jason Dion’s Udemy course: and Mike Meyers’ A+ certification passport: I am now consistently within the range for what is considered to be ready to pass, and the gaps I have leftover are getting filled in by the certification passport book. I am confident that I will be test ready this Saturday.

Music: Working on new material, using my home studio setup and Supercollider for programming additional sounds. Creating music is a necessary part of my learning process, providing my mind with a needed creative outlet.

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Working towards cloud networking security as a profession.

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