Saturday 6/26/21 Study Update

AWS, 45 minutes: NIST cloud framework: Have now finished memorizing the second service model, PaaS. Next step is to memorize IaaS and then onto the four deployment models. I am looking forward to finishing this and getting on with my SAA training. I will go forward with that training possessed of a deeply ingrained conceptual model which ties together everything I learned from my studies for the CCP.

Math, Geometry, 90 minutes: Final run through of all cumulative review questions for chapters 1-10 in anticipation of final meeting with mentor on Sunday before commencing chapter test for chapter 10, ‘Constructions and Loci’. Feeling confident about chapter test. Ready to move into the next chapter

Music, 30 minutes: Finally finished studying through the Supercollider book: Now to get back to creating music, integrating Supercollider more expertly into the process. Creating music and pursuing mathematics are necessary counterbalances to my cybersecurity pursuits, so for me they flow together.

A+, core 2 220-1002, 90 minutes: Jason Dion’s A+ practice test course and Mike Meyers’ A+ Certification passport. I am now starting to exceed 80% correct on the tests consistently, and reviewing concepts in the Certification Passport is filling in those remaining gaps. Very happy that I pushed the exam out a week. I am much more confident that I will be ready for Saturday, July 3rd

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Working towards cloud networking security as a profession.

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