Thursday 6/24/21 Study Update

AWS, 35 minutes: NIST cloud computing definition The definition of PaaS is just about totally memorized. Will be moving onto IaaS shortly. Very happy about this as I am looking to finish this up very soon and get back to Adrian Cantrill’s SAA training. After IaaS will be looking at the last part of the NIST definition, the four deployment models. I am thoroughly confident that I will move into SAA training with a very solid working mental model of cloud computing.

Math, geometry, 30 minutes: Created draft answer for 8 of the remaining 16 or so questions I have to finish up in order to be considered test ready by my teacher. I am confident that I will be considered ready for the chapter 10 final test after this weekend’s lesson.

Music, 25 minutes: section 41, ‘Control Buses’. Using syntax to bus the output of sound to different channels.

A+ Core Two 220-1002: 75 minutes Jason Dion A+ practice tests and Mike Meyers A+ Certification Passport: Consistently obtaining approximately 80% to higher on all practice tests. Reviewing objectives and domains with Mike Meyers book. After deliberating I decided to reschedule the core two exam by one week. I feel good about this decision and will continue to pick up steam with my study and review over the coming week. This will be my second attempt at core two, so I want to feel as ready as possible prior to entering the testing site.

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Working towards cloud networking security as a profession.

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