Wednesday 6/23/21 Study Update

A+ core two 220-1002, 90 minutes: Jason Dion’s A+ core 2 practice tests on Udemy: and Mike Meyers A+ Certification passport: I am starting to surpass 80% on the practice tests, and reviewing the concepts in Mike Meyer’s book is reinforcing everything. I rescheduled my test to Saturday, July 3, as I felt that I could use one more week to prepare.

AWS, 35 minutes: NIST cloud computing standards, I have now memorized the first service model (SaaS) as defined by NIST. Now almost finished with the definition of PaaS, and will be starting on IaaS very soon. Also reviewed the general definition of cloud computing the definitions of the five essential characteristics. I have solidly retained that information, and am cohering a very solid mental construct of the cloud computing model defined by NIST.

Math, geometry, 35 minutes: Have finally completed all the problems for the cumulative review of chapters 1-10. Time to do one last run, create finished drafts for all the remaining questions I needed to answer in anticipation of my lesson this weekend. Also, time to start preparing for the chapter ten test and get ready for chapter 11.

Music, 30 minutes: Supercollider book: and Supercollider github: pp. 100(107)-106(113) section 41 ‘Control Busses’, section 41.1 ‘AsMap’, section 42, ‘Order of Execution’, section 42.1, ‘Groups’. Will be reviewing this material a bit before going on. Interesting programming concepts for control outputs using busses and creating groupings for timeflow.

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Working towards cloud networking security as a profession.

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