Sunday 6/20/21 Study Update

Music, 30 minutes: Section 38.5: ‘ADSR’ Envelope, 38.6: EnvGen, section 39, ‘Synth Definitions’, and section 39.1 ‘SynthDef and Synth’ using the Supercollider book: and the Supercollider Github: Everything is starting to tie together.

AWS, 30 minutes: Nist Definition of cloud computing: With the general definition of cloud computing and the five essential characteristics now memorized, I am memorizing the definition of the service models. SaaS, the first service model to be defined, is now almost completely memorized.

Math, 30 minutes: Working through the last problems in the cumulative review for chapters 1-10: describing points in space 4 cm from a given plane and 8 cm from a given point; geometric mean and angle bisector proportion problems for a given right triangle, and problems involving determining the number of sides of a polygon given the interior angle measure

A+, core two 220-1002, 40 minutes: Jason Dion’s A+ practice test course on I am starting to average in the vicinity of 80% on the practice tests. I will make a decision regarding rescheduling by a week or two this Wednesday or Thursday.

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