Wednesday 6/16/21 Study Log Update

A+ 220-1002 Core two, 35 minute: Practice test #1 from Jason Dion’s excellent Udemy course: I am inching closer and closer to being ready, with 81% correct on this test; also utilizing the test taking strategies I learned from Jason Dion’s course on that topic. Am going to be laying into the test prep more and more intensely as I don’t want to reschedule, so I will drastically ramp up over the next ten days and be in high gear come June 26.

AWS, 20 minutes: Focusing now on memorizing the three service models, I quickly recited the general definition of cloud computing and the five essential characteristics, and then focused on typing out the definition of SaaS, the first service model. The first half of the definition is finally memorized.

Music, 20 minutes: A Gentle Introduction to Supercollider Starting in on Envelopes, which enable shaping on sound controls. This has opened up new realms in sound production. This is used in conjunction with the Supercollider website to utilize ugens for creating various sounds.

Math, geometry, 20 minutes: Created detailed instructions for constructing a triangle congruent to another triangle using relevant constructions.

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Working towards cloud networking security as a profession.

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