Sunday 6/13/21 Study Log Update

A+ 220-1002, 1.5 hours: Jason Dion Test Prep, Exams, and Simulations course: My confidence received a huge boost from this course, which I should be finishing on Monday. Before going through the videos and taking extensive notes, I had not even contemplated the fact that I had zero strategies for attacking the exams. Now I can go forward to lay into the practice exams by applying this techniques gained.

Math: Geometry, 45 minutes: Lesson with my mentor today, discussing various questions from the cumulative review section of chapter 10, and how to apply proof-based reasoning to them.

Music: Supercollider, 25 minutes pp. 83(90)- 86(93): section 36 ‘Playing an audio file’, section 37, ‘Synth Nodes’, section 37.1 ‘The glorious doneAction(2)’ Looking to finish this overview within the month and then will be focusing on creating a bunch of experimental music.

AWS: NIST cloud computing standards, 30 minutes: Having memorized the general definition and definitions for the five essential characteristics, I am now working on memorizing the definitions for the 3 service models starting with Software As A Service. Looking to be finished with this and back into @Adrian Cantrell’s SAA training after I finish my A+ core two on June 26.

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Working towards cloud networking security as a profession.

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