Wednesday 6/9/21 Study Log

AWS, 45 minutes: NIST cloud computing documentation:
Have now memorized the general definition of cloud computing and the definitions for all five characteristics, ‘On-demand self-service’, ‘Broad Network Access’ and ‘Resource Pooling’, ‘Rapid Elasticity’, and ‘Measured Service’. Now to memorize the definitions of the three service models and the four service models.
Memorizing the framework is deeply inculcating the concept of cloud computing in my understanding.

A+ Core two, 90 minutes: Mike A+ Certification Passport, Objective 1.5, ‘Given a Scenario, use Microsoft operating system features and tools, pp. 376-413, and Jason Dion A+ core two practice tests, test 3: 76% correct. Inching closer and closer to the 85% mark. 16 days until test day.

Math, 20 minutes: ‘Cumulative review, Chatpers 1-10’: 1-3, can a quadrilateral be constructed from four obtuse angles, a proof for if two isosceles right triangles with congruent hypotenuses are always congruent, and if two arcs with the same measure are always congruent if located on two different circles.

Music, 30 minutes: Supercollider book, pp. 63(70)-76(83): section 26 ‘UGen arguments’, section 29, ‘The set message’, section 30, ‘Audio Buses’. Almost done learning the material. Will be good to start creating in earnest with this programming language.

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