Thursday 6/10/21 Study Log

AWS, 45 minutes: NIST cloud computing documentation:
Have now memorized the general definition of cloud computing and the definitions for all five characteristics, ‘On-demand self-service’, ‘Broad Network Access’ and ‘Resource Pooling’, ‘Rapid Elasticity’, and ‘Measured Service’. Now to memorize the definitions of the three service models and the four service models.
Memorizing the framework is deeply inculcating the concept of cloud computing in my understanding.

A+ Core two, 90 minutes: Jason Dion A+ core two practice tests, test 4: 76% correct. Inching closer and closer to the 85% mark. 16 days until test day. Using the questions as springboards to research. I have found this to be very effective for preparation. Mike A+ Certification Passport, Objective 1.6, ‘Given a Scenario, use Microsoft Windows Control Panel Utilities’, and Objective 1.7, ‘Summarize application installation and configuration concepts’, pp. 414-437. Swapped order of preference to emphasize the practice tests.

Math, 30 minutes: ‘Cumulative review, Chatpers 1-10’: 4, 5, 8, 17, will two triangles with proportional sides always have congruent angles, if a parallelogram with two consecutive congruent sides will always have perpendicular bisectors, how often the locus of points equidistant from points a and b and 10 cm from a will be one point, and a proof to show that a particular triangle inscribed in a circles is a 45-45-90 triangle with a given inscribed angle of 45 degrees

Music, 35 minutes: Supercollider book, pp. 76(83)-80(87): section 31 ‘Microphone Input’, section 32, ‘Multichannel Expansion’, section 33, ‘The Bus Object’, and section 34, ‘Panning’. Almost done learning the material. Will be good to start creating in earnest with this programming language.

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