Sunday 6/6/21 Study Log

AWS, 45 minutes: NIST cloud computing documentation:
Have now memorized the general definition of cloud computing and the definitions for the first four characteristics, ‘On-demand self-service’, ‘Broad Network Access’ and ‘Resource Pooling’, and ‘Rapid Elasticity’. Am now working on memorizing the fifth and final characteristic, ‘Measured Service’. Memorizing the framework is deeply inculcating the concept of cloud computing in my understanding.

Math, 60 minutes: Reviewed all postulates and theorems for the first ten chapters and had my weekly lesson with my mentor.

A+ Core two, 90 minutes: Mike Meyers A+ Certification passport, section 1.3, ‘Summarize general OS installation considerations and upgrade methods’, Jason Dion Comp TIA A+ Core Two practice exams, exam one: the passing percentage for these tests is considered to be 80%, and after only a week of review I scored 72% on the exam, covering all 85 questions in 30 minutes. Based on this, I am hopeful that I can cover enough ground in the next three weeks to be in good shape for my June 26th test date.

Music: Nothing today. Wedding anniversary dinner and a romantic walk. Great to look back on our six years of marriage.

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Working towards cloud networking security as a profession.

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