Wednesday 6/2/21 Daily Study Log

A+ Core two, 90 minutes: Professor Messer Videos, section 3: ‘Software Troubleshooting’, all 5 sections. Will be increasing my time commitment over the next couple of weeks as the June 26 test date draws ever closer.

AWS, 45 minutes: NIST cloud computing documentation: Have now memorized the general definition of cloud computing and the definitions for the first three characteristics, ‘On-demand self-service’, ‘Broad Network Access’ and ‘Resource Pooling’. Memorizing the framework is deeply inculcating the concept of cloud computing in my understanding.

Math, 45 minutes: Geometry, Cumulative Review: Chapters 1-10, exercises 9-12: angle measures created by half the sum and difference of intercepted arcs, and the product of chord segment created by chords that intercept in a circle, plus how to construct a triangle congruent with a given triangle

Music: Nothing today. The heat is getting to me and I need to sleep.

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Working towards cloud networking security as a profession.

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