Sunday 5/30/21 Daily Study Log

AWS, 45 minutes: NIST cloud computing documentation: Have now memorized the general definition of cloud computing and the definitions for the first two characteristics, ‘On-demand self-service’ and ‘Broad Network Access.’ I am excited that I can build my mastery of AWS from the ground up. Looking forward to what things will look like in a couple of months after I have this foundation really fleshed out.

A+ Core two, 50 minutes: Professor Messer Videos, section 2.4: ‘Malware’, section 2.5: ‘Security Threats’, and section 2.6: ‘Windows Security’. Having spent a fair amount of time going through this material in different formats already, it feels like a review. Will be increasing my time commitment over the next couple of weeks as the June 26 test date draws ever closer.

Math, 40 minutes: ‘Cumulative review, Chatpers 1-10’: sketched a proof for why a quadrilateral cannot have four obtuse angles, why two isosceles right triangles with congruent hypotenuses are always congruent (ASA theorem), the possibility of two congruent minor arcs in two different circles always being congruent (central angle relationships), perpendicular diagonals in a parallelogram containing two consecutive congruent sides (rhombus), and congruent angles for proportionally related triangles.

Music, 30 minutes: Supercollider book, pp. 53(60)-61(68): section 21 ‘Functions’, section 22, ‘Fun with Arrays’, and section 23, ‘Getting Help’, closing out section three. Though I’ve been working with the language for a while now and have created sounds to integrate into compositions I have created, I am still amazed that a programming language can be used to compose music. Things should be really interesting at the end of the summer.

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Working towards cloud networking security as a profession.

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