Tuesday 5/25/21 Daily Study Log

A+ Core Two, 1.5 hours: Professor Messer free A+ videos online, sections 1.3 – Installing Operating Systems- through 1.5 – Windows Features. Professor Messer does an amazing job of giving a lot of detail very succinctly. I am focusing on this stuff really intensely as I am determined to finally finish the A+ certification.

AWS SAA, 1 hour: Adrian Cantrill’s SAA-C02 course, ‘Course fundamentals and AWS accounts’ section, last four sub-sections: IAM users for general and production accounts, and CLI access keys. I was happy that everything worked properly the first time around, and I was almost able to do the second set of configurations completely from memory after following the instructions the first time. These materials are first class learning resources.

Mathematics, 45 minutes: Geometry, ‘Preparing for College Entrance Exams’ section at the end of Chapter 10, ‘Constructions and Loci’, and recitation of all postulates and theorems for the first 10 chapters. My mentor’s insistence on rigorously proving all of my work is finally starting to sink in. I wish my natural abilities with math matched my overall enthusiasm.

Music, 30 minutes: SuperCollider, assigning local and global variables. Wrote a couple of patterns using variable assignments to create a tuple of rhythmic values that I could then deploy with scalar patterns to produce something almost like music. A screenshot of the Supercollider IDE:

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