Monday 5/24/21 Daily Study Log

Not much to say today. The weekend was extra hectic, and I have retooled my focus a bit to start assimilating SAA training and also to prepare for my A+ core two exam. Feeling really tired as well. Short session today to get the momentum back on track:

  1. SAA – Adrian Cantrill’s SAA course, 40 minutes: Course Fundamentals and AWS accounts (section two): worked through all the material in the first five parts of section two, successfully creating an AWS account, adding MFA and a billing alarm. One consideration I am dealing with is figuring out the best means of approach to enable to assimilate and master this material in the most expedient and efficient manner.
  2. A+ – Professor Messer’s free online core two videos, 30 minutes: Network Command Line Tools – CompTIA A+ 220-1002 – 1.4; this was more in the spirit of a session to begin working up the training momentum. Not too productive, but it did lock in the follow through, which is the main intention.
  3. No math or music stuff. Need to get some solid sleep tonight. Brain is fried.

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Working towards cloud networking security as a profession.

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