Thursday 5/20/21 Daily Study Log

Math: Geometry, chapter 10, 1 hour: Reviewed all postulates and theorems for the first ten chapters, wrote proofs for questions 4 – 6 in ‘Preparing for College Entrance Exams’ section

Music: Supercollider, 30 minutes: Reviewing Eventstreamviewer, consolidating current understanding of programming language, and looking to finish the book soon

AWS: Adrian Cantrill SAA course, 45 minutes: Finished summarizing end of first section, up through first three sections of section two, ‘Course Fundamentals and AWS Accounts’. I have already created an AWS account, but this was good practice, and also nice to consolidate the understanding around this topic that I had gained from my CCP training. All summarization done using Cherry Tree

A+: 220-1002 Core Two, 45 minutes: Installing and Upgrading Windows, section 1.3, through Windows Command Line tools, section 1.4, summarized using Cherry Tree.

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Working towards cloud networking security as a profession.

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