How I Passed The CCP

I passed my AWS CCP exam on Friday, May 14, 2021, at around 3:45 p.m.

The exam itself consists of 65 questions, and does include questions covering the entire gamut of domains outlined in the CCP study guide.

To prepare for the exam, I used the following approach:

  1. I created a summary outline of the official AWS CCP guide. The link to download that guide is here:

2. I accessed the free ‘AWS Cloud Practitioner Essentials’ course which can be accessed at Not only is this 6 hour course free, but the content is solid. There are mini quizzes for all the content provided, and also, there is the option to read the transcript of each video in the course. I found this to be quite helpful for reinforcing the material in the videos.

3. The excellent training materials at, which included the AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner ebook: along with the AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner practice exams: The team at Tutorials Dojo has put together some incredible exam materials, and you should definitely seek them out. The explanations for the answers were drawn directly from the supporting documentation for the specific thing in question, whether it be EBS, EC2, or something else. This way you get to study the supporting documentation and do the exam review at once. Also, both the study guide and the practice tests are chock full of hyperlinks to various informational resources provided by AWS directly, along with in-house ‘cheat sheets’ and videos providing overviews of all the information covered. All in all, expertly produced and easily navigable material.

4. The online documentation provided by AWS. This includes the AWS Well-Architected Framework along with the endless pile of hyperlinks for every service, app, and product that AWS offers. Simply do a web-search for a particular service, and search engine results will return the specific hyperlink leading to the landing page for that service. From there you can easily access as much information as you want.

5. Solid time management skills: Working with my mentor, I chalked out a plan that had me working anywhere from two to four hours a day, for a period of about five weeks. I took stock of my store of materials, lined everything up in the order of study that made sense to me, and then systematically went through all the material as thoroughly as I could. The fact that I passed the exam on my first try bears testament to the fact that my plan was solid.

All the best to you on your prospective journey towards securing the AWS CCP credential. I hope that this post provides you with information you can use. Thanks for reading!

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Working towards cloud networking security as a profession.

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