Wednesday 5/5/21

Networking – Net+ official study guide accessed through my account, 40 minutes: Working on chapter 2, ‘The OSI model’, continuing on with creating the Cherry Tree final draft of my handwritten note for the first 10 chapters, including transport, networking, and data link layers (the chapter runs from layer 7 down the stack) (

supercollider: 30 minutes, compiling list of Pbind commands; looked closely
at Pn for embedded pattern repetition; (

Math: 30 minutes, geometry chapter 10 review, 4-11, looking closely at
process of reasoning and determining the ‘why’. Have undertaken to writing out instructions for completing various exercises to include which constructions need to be employed and in what order, to force me to really think through the matter of applying constructions and loci to solving certain types of geometry problems.

AWS CCP: 2.5 hours, Tutorials dojo, timed mode set 2, AWS cloud practitioner
essentials training video from the website; Find the Free training which complements the CCP progression has been a great boon. The explanations of the core services and the accompanying diagrams – diagrams which are essentially short animations – is really helping me comprehend the material. Below is a picture of my training portal showing the module in question: ‘AWS Cloud Practitioner Essentials’

aws training platform; see url in search bar

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Working towards cloud networking security as a profession.

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