Tuesday 5/4/21 Daily Study Log

Mathematics – Geometry Chapter 10, 40 minutes: Self-test 3, chapter review: Going through material with an emphasis on explaining why my answers are valid. My math teacher has been empahsizing this more and more, so I need to start structuring my daily math sessions to emphasize this a bit more

Supercollider – Pbinds, sequences, etc… 30 minutes: My abiltity to code melodies and chord progressions is getting to be solid from the standpoint of the basics. Will be ready to add more soon, to deepen my understanding of the language and IDE (https://supercollider.github.io/)

Networking – Net+ official study guide accessed through my Packtpub.com account, 40 minutes: Working on chapter 2, ‘The OSI model’, continuing on with creating the Cherry Tree final draft of my handwritten note for the first 10 chapters (packtpub.com)

AWS CCP – Tutorials dojo and AWS online documentation for various services, 2.5 hours: With my CCP exam being a week from Friday, I am getting into hardcore review mode. I have found a solid approach: Treating the Tutorials Dojo questions as research assignments, and Duck-Duck-Going the answers by referencing each of the services, etc… listed as exam options. It’s proving to be very effective training, and also getting me interacting on the outskirts of AWS.

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Working towards cloud networking security as a profession.

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