AWS CCP Study Guide Summary

5/1/21: Available for downloading is a summary I created of all twelve chapters of the official AWS CCP Study Guide. The summary is available in Word and PDF forms. This summary is meant to highlight the main points for every section. You will need to use this summary in conjunction with other study materials. My hope is that the summary will help expedite your study process.

To create the summary, I hand-copied notes of all twelve chapters from the official exam guide, and then typed up the notes using Cherry Tree. My results with Cherry Tree were mixed, primarily with exporting. Exporting to PDF yielded a completely blank PDF, so I had to export to html and then copy and paste from the internally generated web page and create a word document, and then do some minor editing before saving as a PDF

If anyone finds this summary to be helpful or if there are suggestions for improvements, I welcome any and all feedback.

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Working towards cloud networking security as a profession.

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