Monday 4/26/21 Daily Study log

I am really fatigued due to sleep deprivation, so I’m going to be a little more succinct:

  1. Cloud CCP guide: Have now transferred six chapters of handwritten notes to Cherry Tree, so I am half finished. The test is scheduled for May 14. Hooray. Looking to be done with drafting all the notes by Thursday at the very latest.
  2. Geometry: Have pinpointed just about all the areas I need to review before moving on, and just about ready to do the test for chapter 10, ‘Constructions and Loci’.
  3. Countdown to Zero Day: progress has slowed, but I only have about 130 pages left, and I am looking to write a review to get that out in the world asap. Also, many more books on the list and I need to pick up the pace
  4. No Network+ or Supercollider today. Need sleep.

Published by pauldparadis

Working towards cloud networking security as a profession.

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