Thursday 4/15/21 Daily Journal

Today’s studies:

  1. AWS CCP Chapter 10 ‘Core Networking Services’- 2.5 hours; Handwritten summary of all but the last two sections
  2. Net+ Study guide Chapter 10 ‘Routing Protocols’ – 45 minutes, handwritten summary; EIGRP – BGP (end of section)
  3. Countdown to Zero day, Chapter 11, ‘A Digital Plot is Hatched’ approx. 30 min
  4. Geometry, approximately 35 min
  5. Doing some sound programming in Supercollider, approximately 20 min

I am looking to finish my chapter by chapter handwritten summary of CCP by Sunday, in accordance with the plan I discussed with my mentor on Tuesday 4/13. After this I will start in on typing up my summary and doing Tutorials Dojo practice tests along with watching CCP course materials through my PacktPub account. Looking to schedule my CCP exam for the beginning/middle of May.

I am looking to finish summarizing chapter ten of Net+ within this upcoming week, and then going back to the beginning of my notes to start producing articles on the ‘big picture’ topics of fundamental networking, such as OSI and subnetting.

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Working towards cloud networking security as a profession.

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