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Saturday 7/31/21 AWS/Cloud Study Update

Nist Cloud Computing definition, 10 minutes: The recitation is on the verge of being completely automatic. It is becoming deeply entrenched in my working understanding of cloud, and will create a solid conceptual foundation for my development as a cloud security professional. 2. SAA-C02 Study Guide, Sybex, 40 minutes: Chapter 6: ‘Authentication andContinue reading “Saturday 7/31/21 AWS/Cloud Study Update”

Thursday 7/29/21 Study Update

AWS/Cloud: NIST cloud definition, 10 minutes: AWS Well-Architected whitepapre, 30 minutes: Focused on the Cost Optimization Pillar. Will be moving on to other resources for learning for a bit, and will come back to this in a little while. Adrian Cantrill’s SAA-C02 course, :, 60 minutes: ‘IAM, Accounts, and AWS OrganizationsContinue reading “Thursday 7/29/21 Study Update”

Wednesday 7/28/21 Study Update

Took a short vacation with my family, from Saturday through Tuesday. Back to the grind. AWS/Cloud, 100 minutes: NIST Cloud definition, 10 minutes: Down to reinforcing which resources go with which aspect of the definition. The definition is almost fully assimilated at this point. AWS Well-Architected Whitepaper, 30 minutes: Focused on the PerformanceContinue reading “Wednesday 7/28/21 Study Update”

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